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The following is a list of popular and common Baccarat terms that you may come across during your game playing experience. If you are a gambler and haven’t yet had the chance to try less common casino games like baccarat you should make yourself familiar with some of the terms you’ll hear spoken during a game of baccarat. You may have already heard of a number of these words before, I’m sure there are some you haven’t heard before.

Baccarat. The name of a popular gambling game. A Baccarat is also the worst hand you could possibly get in this game.

Banker Bet. To bet that the hand of the banker will win the round.

Baccarat en Banque. A form of Baccarat.

Best Baccarat Bet. A bet that is on the banker hand and yields a 45% chance to win.

Banco. A word proclaimed by a player who wishes to challenge the entire bankroll (to bet the entire bank fund). Banco is also another term for bank.

Bankroll. Your personal amount of money that you take to a game.

Coup. A term to describe one round in a game of Baccarat.

Croupier. In Baccarat the dealer is often referred to as a “croupier”.

Chemin-de-fer. A French term for “railrod”, Chemin de Fer is a type of Baccarat version.

Cheval. In some Baccarat games, a rule that allows a player to paly on two hands. In this instance the player must win both hands in order to win the round (a tie is called if the player wins one hand and loses the pther).

Commission. A percentage of the winnings that the house takes as their profit. In Baccarat the commission is typically 5%.

Down Card. A card this dealt and stays face down.

Dealer. A house employee who takes and pays bets to the players and also takes charge of the cards. In Baccarat the dealer is often referred to as a “croupier”.

Face Cards. The four jacks, queens and kings in a 52 card deck.

High Roller. A player who is known to make large bets.

House Edge. The advantage that casino or “house” gains depending on the odds.

Le Grande. A French word for “the big”. A hand totaling 9, the best hand in Baccarat.

Mini-baccarat. A type of Baccarat game that uses a smaller game table.

Muck. The pile if folded and burned cards kept next to the dealer.

Natural. A term to deccribe a hand where the first two cards total either 8 or 9.

Palette. The tool used by the dealer to move the cards about the table.

Punto Banco. Another word for the game of Baccarat.

Punto. A term to describe the player.

Petite. French word for small, in Baccarat a petite is a hand totaling 8.

Player Bet. To bet that the players hand will be the winning hand in the round.

Railroad. Another name for Chemin de Fer, a type of Baccarat game.

Shoe. A tool used by the dealer that holds a number of full decks of cards. The shoe is in the form of a box and the cards are dealt form it.

Shuffle Up. The act of the dealer shuffling the cards before the game begins.

Shooter. Another word for the bank.

Standoff. When the dealer and the player have hands with the same total. Also known as a tie in Baccarat.

Super Pan Nine. A type of Baccarat game.

Streak. A term used to describe a run of wins (or losses).

Tie Bet. To bet that the player and the dealer will have the same totals in their hands.

VIP. Short for Very Important Person. A term used to describe a high roller.

Upcard. Any card that is dealt or lays face up on the table.

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