- Baccarat Strategy

Strategy - when it comes to Baccarat it is hard to say if one will ever uncover the perfect strategy. This is a game of chance where every outcome is completely independent of the last. So you may here some people say or advertise that they have found the perfect system for beating baccarat, well most likely what they’ve uncovered is a bunch of nonsense and deceptive information. Some other strategies that are frequently used in this game (but don’t really add up to much) are streak and pattern watching and card counting.

In most casinos an electronic board will be present at the baccarat table displaying the outcomes of previous hands. These are in place for players to keep track of what’s been happening in the hopes of spotting a pattern developing to aid in their next move. In this instance however, the casino feels no threat in lending this information as, in reality, there is no way for previous outcomes to affect what will happen next, every outcome is independent to all others. If the last 9 outcomes were in favor of the banker then it is pretty safe to say that the player hand is due for a win, right? Well yeah, you would think that logically the next hand would be for the player but in reality it has the exact same chances of being for the banker again (50% either way). Although this strategy seems easy enough and might sway your betting one way or the other, don’t count on it, it only seems to be the next move. Obviously the casinos would not display the previous outcomes or, in most cases, allow players to use a pen and paper to sort out there strategy if it in fact had any bearing on additional success for the player.

Next we will have a look at card counting, although frowned upon by many casinos, this strategy, for some games, can work when playing online or inconspicuously on the casino floor. In Blackjack, for example, card counting can help your success greatly, since the used cards increase your odds of receiving certain other cards. In Baccarat this idea would make sense and would come in useful if you were making bets and changing your strategy throughout the round. But since you make your bets before any cards are dealt you have nothing to go by when doing so except instinct. Therefore counting cards in this game would in fact be considered to be quite useless. On top of that, in baccarat the used cards are quite frequently returned to the shoe, making any counting efforts, again, useless.

And finally we’ll have a look at mathematical systems. These systems have been invented and are quite clever in regards to not losing money at the baccarat or roulette tables. They will only work in games that offer 1 to 1 odds, such as betting player or banker in baccarat or red or black, even or odd on the roulette wheel. A common system is known as the 1 – 3 -2 -6 system which is outlined in the Buying a Baccarat System section of this website. Another system you may have heard of is the infamous Martingale system which states that if you double your bet every time you lose, eventually you will make up your losses and eventually be on top. So if you bet $5 initially and lose, then the time bet $10 and if you lose again bet $20 and so on until you win one. Yes this and other systems do work, but only in the short run. As well, to combat against such a plan, casinos have developed table limits. So you may not be able to keep on doubling your bets to regain your losses. All in all these types of systems should really not be used if you want to win big. If you are looking to break even or win a little, then try them out but in the long run they are, to say the truth, good for nothing.

Although we have basically written here that all strategy is useless when it comes to baccarat does not mean that you shouldn’t try to discover one for yourself. If it helps you make decisions and adds to your excitement of the game, by all means, follow one of these or invent one of your own, baccarat is a game and is meant to be enjoyable, so enjoy yourself!!!

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