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Like all card and gambling games, baccarat players are always searching for some kind system to help them beat the odds. However in Baccarat it may be very difficult to find a system unique to the game. There are very few if any that are designed specifically for baccarat but you will find that there are some general mathematical systems that can help increase your odds at leaving the table with more than you sat down with.

There are a few of these systems already in place and are outlined and found within various websites out there. Here we have chosen a popular example and outlined it for you. First you have to understand that this particular system works with baccarat since it is an even-money payout game. It can work if you are playing any casino that pays out in even money odds (for example roulette). Also remember that these systems tend to work well in the short run – the casino always seems to win in the long run.

This system is called the “1 – 3 – 2 – 6” system. For this to work you must keep track of your bets over four rounds and it has the potential to turn, for example, $2 into $10 or $20 into $100.

To begin, bet one unit (a unit can be $1, $5, $200, whatever), if you win that round then in the next round add another unit to your winnings and bet that amount (a total of 3 units). Now if you win this round you will have a total of 6 units. Now according to the system in the third round you should take away four units and only bet two this time. And if you are lucky to win again for your fourth bet add two more to your winnings for a total bet of 6 units. When you win the fourth bet you will see a profit of at least 12 units. Not too bad. However you won’t always win, so if you lose the first bet it’s only 1 unit lost. If you win the first but lose the second you’ve lost only 2 units. But if you win the second and lose the third, you’re still up two units. And if you win the first three and unfortunately lose the last no need to worry because you haven’t really lost anything (you’ve broken even).

Buying A Baccarat System

If you surf the web, you will find hundreds of sites advertising that they have the perfect Baccarat system that will beat any game (and for only $20 - $50 you can buy a copy). So do these systems really work? Well ask yourself these two questions: If these people in fact have a system that beats the casino every time, why doesn’t everyone use the system and thus put the casinos out of business? And if there was an unbeatable system out there why would the holder sell the system and thus force the casinos to change the rules or eliminate Baccarat from their casinos altogether?

So as you can see, there probably aren’t any systems out there that are 100% effective, there are just lots of people claiming they have one in order to make some easy money. That’s not to say that they might not help or aid in your strategy but in the long run don’t expect to see these systems beat the casino. So our advice would be to avoid buying into these scams and develop your own strategy – over time it will come to you.

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