- Learn About European Baccarat

As in Chemin de Fer Baccarat the player has the option of drawing a third card when he/she is holding a five. As opposed to American Baccarat where the player is forced to hit if they have a five or less.

In this version, the house in fact provides the funding to the banker hand. The house puts a cap on how much a player can bet. For example, if the house provided the banker with $1000 and say one player makes a bet of $500 and the next player also makes a bet of $500, there is no more money funding the bank to allow any other players to bet anymore. Also in the European version, the players have the ability to cover the entire banker bet. To do this the player proclaims “banco” and the whole bet is theirs, no other player at the table can bet, since all the bankers money is claimed.

Also differing from its American cousin, European Baccarat claims 5% of a players winnings if he or she bets on the bank and wins.

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