- Baccarat Table Layout

The mini and the full baccarat table layout are basically the same, the two main differences of the full baccarat version are, the size of the table and the size of the players bankroll. The full table contains places for 1 up to 14 players to join in the game (the spot numbered 13 is passed upon due to superstitious beliefs towards the number). As well this version is typically reserved for high rollers and the tables are usually found in isolated areas of the casino and sometimes in a separate room altogether. Bets in these games typically start at $50 - $100 but can go up to $100000 or even higher. In order to play in these games you must be sure you fully understand the game.

baccarat table

The table’s surface is covered in green felt and is in the form of an oval. In the middle of the table there is an area cut out in the form of a semi circle. This area is where the dealer takes position and is referred to as the callers place (the dealer in a baccarat game is responsible for calling out the hands and cards, etc.). And directly opposite the callers place is an area with the numbers 1 - 15 (minus the 13) printed, in squares, on the table (known as the commission squares). This areas purpose is to aid the dealer in keeping track of the banker bets and the commissions awarded to the house in these instances.

Around the remainder of the table are another printed set of numbers 1 – 15. These indicate to the player which seat or position they are playing in. Thus there is room for 14 players to join in this version of the game. Above each number are the three betting options, the player, the banker and a tie (at the very top). These printed areas indicate to the player and the dealer which type of bet is being made.

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